A few words about Bursa

Bursa MEM is a local authority which provides school buildings, classrooms, learning materials, staff and technological equipments. One of our organization’s fundamental responsibility is to make everybody in the province benefits from educational and learning activities with local , national and international projects with the other institutions’ collaboration.

We are professional and passionate about local development not only in education but also in a social issues of immigrants and refugees. In Bursa we have 2.995 million inhabitans . Apart from native population, we have some inhabitants born abroad and residing in Bursa ; their percentage is as follows;

Bulgarian 48.4 Uzbekistan 9.5, Azerbaijan 8.0 and Syria 3.7

In this project,we and all partners will play an important role during the field work and testing the new methodologies. Bursa MEM intends to host an international activity – LTT. After this LTT we will carry out a community need assessment with the adults with migration background living in our city . After this output , we will help our participants develop and implement a micro-project aiming at creating more inclusive urban spaces. Thanks to this project, we intend to give these people a chance to speak about their own needs and becoming possible change-makers ready to implement their own solutions. One of our previous project P.AT.H intended to increase the number of the Syrian Refugees in and out of formal education in Bursa and enrolling and training them in high and higher education by; setting up flexible procedures, streamlining the process for Refugees’ entrance to university; improving the Refugee students’ Turkish Language competences for university entrance and improving the skills of the high school staff working with Refugees to support the pass of the refugees to the higher education. 40 students were given the opportunity to take their B2 Turkish proficiency YÖS (University Entrance Exam for Foreign Students) preparation courses which provided them with the necessary knowledge to enter universities.

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