Social Initiatives in an Average City

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”
― Jane Jacobs, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”

We strongly believe that these are exactly we, average citizens in an average city, who should have the capability, power, willing and desire to create the city we live in and to create safe and diverse city space for education, self-development and self-realization for everybody, willing to use it – and that’s because we all belong here!

Hereby in this review we want to share our social and educative initiatives, which we launch, develop and conduct in our hometown and region.

The name of our non-government organization “Educatio” is literally and obviously translated from Latin as “education”. Therefore, we’re primarily focused on the various educational (both formal and non-formal) activities and initiatives for youngsters and adults. We see the main aim of our organization as the increase of the civil youth activity through conducting cultural events and studying cultural diversity, implementation of innovations in education, establishing international cooperation, promoting the professional youth and adult development and development of various social skills.

Nowadays we’re intensively developing our work in the sphere of both youth and adult education, which means involving youngsters, students of the higher education institutions and adults with no age limit into our educational activities and initiatives.

Currently we’re conducting:

  • 2 English speaking clubs “Englo-Talk” and “English Impro Club” on the weekly basis. The main aim of the English speaking clubs is the development and increase of exactly English speaking skills in a non-formal educational format through various exercises, games and other interactions. Whereas, “Englo-Talk” is available both in online and offline formats and is more “classic English” oriented, being conducted by an amazing teacher, tutor, moderator and facilitator Vika Guryanova, “English Impro Club” is conducted by the experienced trainers Vladimir Kozachun and Alexey Koryagin and is more about role and scene plays in English – this is what we call “a juicy combo of English and improvisation”!
  • the digital storytelling workshop “I’m the Story”, which our trainers Vika Guryanova and Nastya Yarotskaya have established this year and which is being held 2-3 times in a year. This workshop is about discovering yourself through telling personal stories and presenting them in a digital format – this is the way to know yourself closer, to be more sincere, open-minded and in this way to overcome and improve yourself!
  • the Playback and Improvisation theatre “Simpro” workshops for youngsters, students and adults, which we conduct on a weekly basis both in the university for students and in the theatre studio for everybody, willing to join and discover and develop himself in a scene play, interactions with others and being here and now. In the university our Playback and Improvisation theatre (“Simpro”) workshops are now included in the education program in the psychological department. Both university and studio workshops are as well about what we call “Social Improvisation”, being devoted not only to the development of the acting, public speech and rhetoric skills, creative and critical thinking, etc. but as well to the development of the important skills and attitudes (coming from Improvisation principles), applicable to the life in general. These workshops are under the guidance of our professional trainers Vladimir Kozachun and Alexey Koryagin.
  • the “Impro-Battles” and “Maestro” competitions. These are our newly launched initiatives, which are social competitions based on Improvisation theatre aimed to promote personal development and all in all entertain, providing the alternative hobby and leisure time amusement, being developed and conducted by the “Simpro” initiative group, including our trainers Vladimir Kozachun, Alexey Koryagin, Vladislav Gerasimenko, Nastya Konoshevich, Nadya Ivashchenko and Sofiia Chorna.
  • several regular outdoor education and personal development trainings (ExperiMental wilderness/outdoor trainings “Back to Yourself”, “Towards Yourself” and “Into the Wild”), aimed to promote personal development in a wide range and guided by our psychologists and trainers Vladimir Kozachun and Maria Yurieva. These are the outdoor trainings and psychotherapy, combining hikes with psychology and personal development and education on the basis of various psychotherapeutical, outdoor trainings and improvisation methodology.
  • the number of physical activity directed initiatives aimed to promote healthy lifestyle (namely, we have a fitness, jogging, martial arts (aikido) and board games open groups of no-age-limit participants who regularly gather together). This is under the guidance of our activists Nadya Ivashchenko, Sofiia Chorna, Vladimir Kozachun, Alexey Koryagin and others.

We strongly believe, that we can always change something in our community, we can always do something, we can always do even more and we can create safe and diverse city space for education, self-development and self-realization for everybody, willing to use it – and that’s because we all belong here!